The First Greek Mobile Comparison Engine from TechValue

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The First Greek Mobile Comparison Engine from TechValue

The development of the first Greek mobile comparison engine started at the end of 2020. Its main purpose is for users to easily and quickly recognize the basic differences in technical characteristics between 2 devices.

The TechValue comparison engine can compare over 20 fields with its specialized algorithm! Many of the fields are not just numbers, but features that took a lot of effort to make comparisons with each other and to be able to work with the custom algorithm.

Data Entry alone lasted months and soon the comparable fields will exceed 30, to create the ultimate comparison experience.

We would say that the comparison is more than smart, since many fields are not compared “perfectly”. For example in the field of battery capacity, if two smartphones do not have much difference between them, then the algorithm will not give the advantage to any device, so that the user is led to a more reliable and of course automated result.

Another example is comparing the version of Android and iOS when a device is released. Obviously, the fresher the version, the better, as it is known that it will have better support in the long run. But when the user compares Android with iOS, in the field of operating system traffic no comparison will be made, because it is really impossible to have a “winner” automatically between Android and iOS! These are just some of the smart features of the machine, as we would actually like at least 3,500 words to analyze them all.

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