M&A red flags, handling problematic CEOs, E-1 visa questions

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M&A red flags, handling problematic CEOs, E-1 visa questions

Last month, nearly 100,000 tech workers lost jobs, and it felt like a great disturbance in the Force. These are real people grappling with real uncertainty: Should they move? How long will their savings last? Should they risk another startup job or perhaps launch their own?

Even as public companies and unicorns reduce headcount, many early-stage startups are still actively recruiting. Mary Ann Azevedo recapped several fintechs that are hunting for new talent.

Ron Miller interviewed analysts, CIOs and hiring managers, who confirmed that there’s widespread demand for IT workers. The twist?

“The people let go by Big Tech just may not be going to other tech companies,” reported Ron, noting that employers like the IRS, Citi and Liberty Mutual have posted thousands of new openings.

“The perception is that, hey, there’s tons of layoffs going on,” said Nicholas Marshall, sales enablement director at ManpowerGroup.

“But what we see is that over the past two years, those tech companies had over-hired, and it’s more of a correction and a flattening out, but that there’s still a strong demand and employment outlook.”

If you’ve been laid off, make self-care your highest priority. Seek support from your friends and family and, above all else, don’t take it personally. You’re being swept up in macroeconomic trends that have nothing to do with your ability, talent or worth.

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